Choreographer Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes

Choreographer Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes

Choreographer Interviews & Behind-the-Scenes
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  • David Dawson, "Anima Animus" Choreographer Interview

    Choreographer David Dawson describes his 2018 ballet Anima Animus as “physically emotional virtuosity combined to make something human.” Playing with the idea of opposites—man/woman, black/white, lifted/grounded—this work, set to the music of Ezio Bosso, is ballet pushed to every extreme, techniq...

  • Cathy Marston, "Snowblind" Choreographer Interview

    British choreographer Cathy Marston drew from Edith Wharton's novella Ethan Frome to create a stunning character study of a doomed love triangle in a repressive New England winter. Here she discusses creating Snowblind for SF Ballet’s Unbound Festival of New Works. Marston's Snowblind streams as ...

  • Danielle Rowe on Wooden Dimes

    “It’s always been my aim as a choreographer to immerse the audience,” says choreographer Danielle Rowe, whose world premiere Wooden Dimes is part of SF Ballet’s 2021 Digital Season. “The opportunity to make a film only makes that more possible—to completely immerse the audience so they can feel l...

  • Danielle Rowe on Wooden Dimes Part II

    “When I started dancing, I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that used a lot of imagery,” says Wooden Dimes choreographer Danielle Rowe. “Story was always intertwined, always one and the same. It’s how I feel most comfortable communicating—story through dance.” Immerse yourself in the story ...

  • Helgi Tomasson on the Return to the Studios and Creating a New Work

    Excerpt of new work premieres on the SF Ballet 2021 Virtual Benefit on January 14, 2021.