Premium Plus Digital Season Package

Premium Plus Digital Season Package

2021 Premium Plus Digital Season Package includes all seven programs, plus VIP bonus content, like behind-the-scenes videos and podcasts.

Each program starts at 6 pm on the first day of its run.

Premium Plus Digital Season Package

41 Videos

  • Romeo & Juliet

    Shakespeare’s tragic tale of star-crossed lovers comes to life with passionate dancing, spine-tingling swordsmanship, and stunning scenery and costume designs evoking Renaissance Italy. An emotional and poignant tale of young love and loss set to the celebrated Prokofiev score, Helgi Tomasson’s R...

  • Meet the Artist: Gabriela Gonzalez

    Corps de Ballet Dancer Gabriella Gonzales describes her magical journey from studying ballet in Mexico, New York City, and Miami to dancing professionally in Miami, Italy, and then back in the United States at Tulsa Ballet and now San Francisco Ballet. Gabriella recalls how arriving in San Franci...

  • Meet the Artist: Jacob Seltzer

    Corps de Ballet Dancer Jacob Seltzer tells how his admiration for Gene Kelly inspired him to study classical ballet. Jacob shares his fond memories of dancing in the SF Ballet School Trainee Program and how the transition into the Company made him think deeply about why he wanted to pursue dance ...

  • Points of View: Elizabeth Mateer, Norika Matsuyama, and Bianca Teixeira

    April 28, Program 05 – Pre-recorded
    Program 05 features three works created here in San Francisco. Join Company dancers Elizabeth Mateer, Norika Matsuyama, and Bianca Teixeira who were part of the creation process for these three ballets, to learn what it was like to work with Helgi Tomasson, Ca...

  • David Dawson, "Anima Animus" Choreographer Interview

    Choreographer David Dawson describes his 2018 ballet Anima Animus as “physically emotional virtuosity combined to make something human.” Playing with the idea of opposites—man/woman, black/white, lifted/grounded—this work, set to the music of Ezio Bosso, is ballet pushed to every extreme, techniq...

  • Snowblind

    "Snowblind" is an original short film for the world premiere production of Cathy Marston's ballet of the same name made for San Francisco Ballet's Unbound: A Festival of New Works. Cathy Marston was inspired by Edith Wharton's novella "Ethan Frome."

    Director: Mark Kohr
    Choreographer: Cathy Mars...

  • Cathy Marston, "Snowblind" Choreographer Interview

    British choreographer Cathy Marston drew from Edith Wharton's novella Ethan Frome to create a stunning character study of a doomed love triangle in a repressive New England winter. Here she discusses creating Snowblind for SF Ballet’s Unbound Festival of New Works. Marston's Snowblind streams as ...

  • Musicians' Insights: Mongo Buriad on Tomasson’s 7 for Eight

    “I’m in every rehearsal," says Company Pianist Mungunchimeg "Mongo" Buriad of Helgi Tomasson's ballet 7 for Eight, set to music by J.S. Bach. "By the time we’re on stage, the dancers know how I’m going to play, and I know their movement.” Buriad, who plays for this ballet both in rehearsal and wi...

  • Musicians' Insights: Beni Shinohara on Marston's Snowblind

  • Meet the Artist: Madison Keesler

    Soloist Madison Keesler shares how she is navigating the pandemic and the importance of being kind to yourself. She shares her interest in acting and film and how she takes on character-driven roles. Madison talks about not performing on stage this season and marvels at the fact that she will e...

  • San Francisco Ballet Presents - CELEBRATING JEWELS

  • Musicians' Insights: Julie McKenzie on Emeralds

    “I have always thought that Fauré had a special affinity for the flute, because he wrote such gorgeous and flowing music for my instrument,” says Julie McKenzie, 2nd Flute and Piccolo with SF Ballet Orchestra. McKenzie shares her perspective on Gabriel Fauré’s music for George Balanchine’s ballet...

  • Pointes of View: Sasha De Sola, Tiit Helimets, Sasha Mukhamedov, Pascal Molat

    George Balanchine’s Jewels is a study in contrasts: three composers, three styles, three moods. SF Ballet Principal Dancers Sasha De Sola, Tiit Helimets, Soloist Sasha Mukhamedov, and SF Ballet Faculty Member and Former Principal Dancer Pascal Molat discuss the details of Emeralds, Rubies, and Di...

  • Meet the Artist: Samantha Bristow

    Corps de Ballet Dancer Samantha Bristow talks about her early training that included Tap and Jazz and how those two dance disciplines have been enormously helpful in her career as a ballet dancer. She talks about how she has learned all three sections of Balanchine’s Jewels and why she has speci...

  • Meet the Artist: Ellen Rose Hummel

    Soloist Ellen Rose Hummel talks about meaningful it was to dance the Dwight Rhoden section of the Dance of Dreams film which was captured outside, at dusk, on an atmospheric San Francisco evening. Ellen Rose describes her love of Balanchine choreography and the three ballets which make up Balanch...

  • Interview with Jim Stephenson, composer of Wooden Dimes

    "It was a complete surprise," James (Jim) Stephenson says, to be asked by SF Ballet to compose the score for Danielle Rowe's Wooden Dimes. In this interview, Jim shares what inspired his music, how he weaves together motifs for each character, and the steps he took to create something unforgettab...

  • Meet the Artist: SunMin Lee

    Corps de Ballet Dancer SunMin Lee describes her travel home and subsequent quarantine in Korea at the start of the pandemic. She shares the exhilarating experience of feeling fully prepared and confident for a performance and how special it was to dance in the Midsummer’s Night Dream performance...

  • Pointes of View: Cary Geiser Casey, PhD, Dores André, Jahna Frantziskonis

    SF Ballet’s 2020 Scholar-in-Residence Carrie Gaiser Casey, PhD gives insight into Alexei Ratmansky’s Symphony #9. In conversation with SF Ballet Principal Dancer Dores André and Soloist Jahna Frantziskonis.

  • Rowe's Wooden Dimes | Trailer

    The meteoric rise of Betty Fine—from chorus girl to vaudeville star—puts her marriage to office worker Robert Fine to the test in Danielle Rowe’s world premiere dance film Wooden Dimes. This roaring '20s, art deco-inspired film is also a love letter to a life in the theater and the backstage worl...

  • Musicians' Insights: Shinji Eshima on Possokhov's Swimmer

    Listen to Shinji Eshima, Associate Principal Contrabass of San Francisco Ballet Orchestra on composing the music for Yuri Possokhov's Swimmer. “These are all the things that Yuri loves about America,” says Eshima, whose score begins with a trumpet solo that blossoms into a brass chorale, alluding...

  • Meet the Artist: Hansuke Yamamoto

    Soloist Hansuke Yamamoto reflects upon his 20 years at SF Ballet and how his desire to become a dancer brought him from Japan to the United Kingdom, Canada and ultimately San Francisco. Hansuke shares his admiration of the many Alexei Ratmansky ballets he has perform including Symphony #9 and th...

  • Meet the Artist: Dores André

    Principal Dancer Dores André shares that returning to the studio and setting an intention to improve her dancing has lifted her spirits. Dores has danced in all three ballets on Program 3 and describes how each of the ballets’ narratives informs her approach to the choreography.

  • Pointes of View: Nyama McCarthy-Brown, PhD, 2021 SF Ballet Visiting Scholar

    SF Ballet’s 2021 Visiting Scholar, Nyama McCarthy-Brown, PhD, presents her research, Skin Colored Pointes: Women of Color in Ballet.

  • Musicians' Insights: Adam Luftman on Morris' Sandpaper Ballet

    What prompted Leroy Anderson to write "A Trumpeter's Lullaby," part of the score for Mark Morris' Sandpaper Ballet? Find out from Adam Luftman, principal trumpet player of San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, and hear part of that music, as well as what Luftman calls "the most important excerpt for an...

  • COLORFORMS Costume Design | The Completed Costumes

    “Every dancer has their own unique story,” says COLORFORMS Costume Designer Susan Roemer. See how she helps bring these stories to life through fabric and color in this behind-the-scenes glimpse into her studio.

    COLORFORMS, a world premiere ballet choreographed by Myles Thatcher, is part of SF B...

  • COLORFORMS Costume Design | Color Palette

    “Every dancer has their own unique story,” says COLORFORMS Costume Designer Susan Roemer. See how she helps bring these stories to life through fabric and color in this behind-the-scenes glimpse into her studio.

    COLORFORMS, a world premiere ballet choreographed by Myles Thatcher, is part of SF B...

  • COLORFORMS Costume Design | Work Zones

    “Every dancer has their own unique story,” says COLORFORMS Costume Designer Susan Roemer. See how she helps bring these stories to life through fabric and color in this behind-the-scenes glimpse into her studio.

  • From Scratch: Episode I

    How do you make a new ballet during Covid? Choreographer Myles Thatcher shares the ups and downs of creating a new work for the 2021 Season in our new series, From Scratch. In this first episode, Thatcher (also a SF Ballet Soloist) works on choreography alone in the studio, consults with costume ...

  • From Scratch: Episode II

    In a studio rehearsal last fall, choreographer Myles Thatcher explained the concepts behind his world premiere dance film COLORFORMS through an Alexander Calder mobile that inspired him: “I love that idea that everything is connected and even if one little piece moves over here the whole thing sh...

  • From Scratch: Episode III

    How do you make a new ballet during Covid? Choreographer Myles Thatcher and dancers Sasha De Sola, Jasmine Jimison, and Esteban Hernandez reflect on the process of creating dance for the screen in this third and final episode of From Scratch.

  • Meet the Artist: Ludmila Bizalion

    Corps de Ballet Dancer Ludmila Bizalion shares news about the birth of her daughter and reminisces about her time exploring ballet companies around the world. She describes the challenge and excitement of working on LET’S BEGIN AT THE END with Choreographer Dwight Rhoden.

  • Meet the Artist: Daniel Deivison-Oliveira

    Soloist Daniel Deivison-Oliveira talks about his early training in Brazil and how he joined the company after a year in the Trainee Program at San Francisco Ballet School. Daniel explained the complications of “the grid” in Sandpaper Ballet as well as how difficult it was to deal with the abrupt...

  • Musicians' Insights: Heeguen Song on Anima Animus

    Associate Concertmaster Heeguen Song recounts her experience of playing the solo violin part at the 2017 premiere of Anima Animus and plays an excerpt from her favorite movement in this episode of Musicians' Insight.

    Photo: San Francisco Ballet in Dawson's Anima Animus // © Erik Tomasson

  • Meet the Artist: Tyla Steinbach

    Corps de Ballet dancer Tyla Steinbach describes her journey from Australia to San Francisco Ballet School and Company.

  • Meet the Artist: Max Cauthorn

    Principal Dancer Max Cauthorn describes the pressures inherent in dancing the role of Oberon in Midsummer’s Night Dream, how he’s coping with the COVID protocols and his plan to restore a vintage truck.

  • SF Ballet School 2020 Virtual Open House

    SF Ballet School Open House

    Hosted by SF Ballet Corps de Ballet members Leili Rackow and Jacob Seltzer

    Trainee Rehearsal Observation
    With Patrick Armand

    San Francisco Ballet School in 2020: Where We've Been, Where We're Going
    Patrick Armand with Leili Rackow and Jacob Seltzer
    Featuring studio ...

  • Pointes of View: Helgi Tomasson, Kelly Tweeddale, Myles Thatcher & Danielle Rowe

    SF Ballet’s 2021 Season is unlike any that has come before. Join SF Ballet Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson, Executive Director Kelly Tweeddale and choreographers Myles Thatcher and Danielle Rowe to hear how they pivoted to create this year’s digital season.

  • 2021 Season Preview Virtual Event

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream Trailer

    Adventures and misadventures, mischief and magic fill Balanchine's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the first ballet of the 2021 Digital Season. In Shakespeare’s enchanted forest of whimsy, mistaken identity, and jest, fairies rule and love (eventually) reigns supreme. Set to Felix Mendelssohn's shimme...

  • Meet the Artist: Joseph Walsh

    This interview was conducted prior to the difficult decision to delay filming Cathy Marston’s Mrs. Robinson.

    Principal Dancer Joseph Walsh gives an update on what a dancer’s life looks like during COVID and how the loss of being able to dance and be with the company is monumental. He shares hi...

  • 2021 Digital Season

    Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer Helgi Tomasson unveils a streamed, all-digital 2021 Season that includes three world premieres by Cathy Marston, Danielle Rowe, and Myles Thatcher fully conceived for film; three story ballets including George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, w...

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